4 Ways to Crochet Hexagons

Learn how to crochet hexagons with these free patterns!

Four Ways to Crochet Hexagons - Raffamusa Designs

Hexagons are one of the basic geometric shapes which we can easily reproduce using crochet.

Since they have 6 sides, the math for crocheting a hexagon is very simple and usually starts with 6 or 12 stitches, and each round will grow by multiples of 6.

What to crochet with hexagons

Hexagon motifs are great for crocheting:

  • Blankets – like my Solid Hexagon Throw
  • Cushions
  • Coasters – like these ones
  • Home Decor projects
  • Kitchen Towels and Dishcloths – like for my Honeycomb Towel and Dishcloth
  • TrivetsHERE is one you could try…
  • Bagshexagon totes are super hot this year!
  • Scarves and Shawls
  • Garments!
  • Amigurumi and Toys
  • And so much more…

Obviously, there are many patterns for making hexagons with beautiful geometric motifs or flowers in the middle.

But in this blog post, I’ll show you the 4 basic hexagons to crochet in the round using basic crochet stitches.

This means that for making these hexagons, you can be a total beginner and only need to know how to single crochet, double crochet, and treble (US terms).

1 – Single Crochet Hexagon

The single crochet hexagon is one of those shapes that you probably already made by mistake.

Maybe you wanted to make a single crochet circle but ended up with a hexagon. It happens!

But that’s great if you did want a hexagon. In any case, you can learn how to make (or not make) the single crochet hexagon HERE.

2 – Granny Hexagon

Using a simple variation of the granny stitch, you can a beautiful flat granny hexagon.

I specify that this is for a flat hexagon because, with this pattern, you won’t be able to make a hexagon cardigan or anything. Just a nice granny hexagon!

Get the free pattern HERE.

3 – Double Crochet Solid Hexagon

Another classic motif is the double crochet solid hexagon.

This pattern makes for a cute and very versatile motif. There are holes along the diagonals, but overall, the hexagon is nice and solid.

Find the pattern HERE.

As a bonus, get HERE the pattern of the half solid hexagons to fill the holes at the edge of your assembled hexagons!

4 – Solid Hexagon – No Gaps!

If you really don’t like gaps and holes, this completely solid hexagon pattern is for you!

This motif is completely solid and is perfect for making warm blankets and any other winter item.

You can find the free pattern HERE.

Also for this hexagon, you can use the half hexagon without gaps to complete the edges of your projects.

Find more geometric shapes to crochet here on the blog…

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