4 Ways to Crochet a Pentagon

Learn how to crochet a pentagon in 4 different ways!

Four Ways to Crochet a Pentagon - Free Crochet Patterns - Raffamusa Designs

Of all the geometric shapes, I feel like the pentagon is the most neglected in the yarn world.

However, there are so many project ideas to make with pentagons, and I cannot wait to share a few with you very soon!

But in the meantime, let’s start by exploring how to crochet a pentagon.

Of course, there is no single or correct way to make a pentagon. Here, I’ll simply share with you my favorite 4 basic patterns.

All the pentagon patterns that I’m sharing here are worked in the round and you can make them as big as you like. All you need to do is to keep repeating the instructions until you reach the right pentagon size for your project!

1 – Classic Granny Stitch Pentagon

The first pentagon that we’ll see is the classic granny stitch pentagon.

Classic Crochet Granny Stitch Pentagon - Raffamusa Designs

The granny stitch is always great fun and a true crochet classic.

You can combine this granny pentagon with other classic granny shapes, such as the square, the hexagon, or the triangle, to make blankets, cardigans, dish towels, etc.

Learn how to crochet a granny pentagon HERE.

2 – Single Crochet Pentagon

Next, we will see how to make a single crochet pentagon.

This pattern is ideal for making Amigurumi parts, home decor projects such as potholders and dishcloths, or anything that requires a solid and sturdy fabric.

Single Crochet Pentagon - Raffamusa Designs

Find the free crochet pattern of the single crochet pentagon HERE.

3 – Double Crochet Solid Pentagon

For a softer but warm block, we’ll see how to make this double crochet solid pentagon.

Much like the classic solid square and hexagon, this double crochet pentagon has a primarily solid fabric but still has some gaps at each corner.

Double Crochet Solid Pentagon - Raffamusa Designs

Find the free pattern of the double crochet solid pentagon HERE.

4 – Solid Pentagon – No Gaps!

If you’re looking for a completely solid element using long stitches, this solid pentagon is the answer!

This pattern only uses double and treble crochet for a super soft and squishy fabric without any gaps at all.

Double Crochet Solid Pentagon - No Gaps! - Raffamusa Designs

Find the free pattern HERE.

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