Free Crochet Rainbow Blanket Patterns

Here are 29 free crochet rainbow blanket patterns including both baby blankets and throws.

Crochet Rainbow Blanket Patterns - Raffamusa Designs

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Rainbows have always had many meanings throughout history. Since the beginning of human civilization, we can find rainbows in ancient myths and folklore.

Nowadays, rainbows and rainbow flags mostly symbolize LGBTQ+ pride (or peace, if you happen to be in Italy!).

But most importantly, rainbows can signify something different for each one of us and carry with them hope and calm at the end of stormy times.

This is why rainbows have also become a symbol for rainbow babies. A “rainbow baby” is a baby who is born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, or infant loss, and after all the sorrow and grieving, he/she brings back some color into his/her parents’ lives!

Whatever your reason for crocheting a rainbow blanket, here you can find 29 free crochet patterns for rainbow blankets. These blankets are perfect as a rainbow baby gift idea, for commemorating Pride, or as a bright and magical piece of home decor!

What are the colors of the rainbow?

The colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and violet.

Best Yarn for Crocheting Rainbow Blankets

If you want to crochet a rainbow blanket, you’ll want to choose a yarn line with a good variety of colors, either bright colors or pastels.

Best Yarns for Bright Color Palettes

My favorite options for crocheting bright rainbow blankets are:

Best Yarns for Pastel Color Palettes

When it comes to crocheting pastel rainbow blankets, so far, I found these options:

  • Paintbox Yarns Baby DK (3, Light) very soft, premium acrylic for both baby blankets and throws.
  • Hobbii Yarn For blankets, I mostly like Amigo (DK weight, 3, Light) and Amigo XL (Aran weight, 4, Medium)

Alright, time to take a look at these free crochet rainbow blanket patterns!

Crochet Rainbow Blankets – Free Crochet Patterns

1. Crochet-a-Rainbow Blanket

It’s easy to crochet in a rainbow with this Crochet-a-Rainbow Blanket by Salena Baca for Yarnspiration. This oversized solid granny square blanket uses the brightest Red Heart Super Saver yarn for a simple and effective result!

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)
  • Hook 5.5 mm (I/9 US, 5 UK)
Crochet a Rainbow Blanket - Salena Baca for Yarnspirations

2. Rainbow Edged Granny

Another beautiful and easy rainbow blanket is the Rainbow Edged Granny by Zeens and Roger. For this blanket, you’ll need to crochet a classic granny square and add a colorful rainbow border.

Rainbow Edged Granny Blanket - Zeens and Roger

3. Rainbow Granny Blanket

Get into a journey of granny square discovery with this Rainbow Granny Blanket. You’ll enjoy crocheting 14 variations of the classic granny square while making a cheerful throw for your couch!

Crochet Rainbow Granny Squares Blanket - Raffamusa Designs

4. Bear’s Rainbow Blanket

This Bear’s Rainbow Blanket by Purl Soho is a pure hug of Merino wool! Enjoy creating your own color palette or go for a bright rainbow.

Bear's Rainbow Blanket - Purl Soho

5. Magic Rainbow Baby Blanket

The Magic Rainbow Baby Blanket by Moogly uses 36 squares joined with an easy join-as-you-go technique. As a finishing touch, add a big bold border in rainbow colors!

Magic Rainbow Baby Blanket - Moogly

6. Rainbow Squares Baby Blanket

If you love a little boho vibe, try this Rainbow Squares Baby Blanket by The Knotted Nest. This blanket pattern combines 15 rainbow squares and 15 solid squares crocheted with the mini bean stitch, and it uses a unique slip stitch method to join.

Rainbow Squares Baby Blanket - The Knotted Nest

7. Boho Rainbow Squares Blanket

Get adventurous with your yarn and colors with this Boho Rainbow Squares Blanket by Kaz – Insomnia Crochet!

Boho Rainbow Squares Blanket - Kaz Insomnia Crochet

8. Hue Shift Afghan

Blend the colors of the rainbow harmoniously with the Hue Shift Afghan by Erica Jackofsky for Knit Picks. This mitered afghan is crocheted in four pieces and seamed together.

Hue Shift Afghan - Erica Jack of sky for Knit Picks

9. Josephine’s rainbow blanket

Add an explosion of colors to your bedroom with this Josephine’s Rainbow Blanket by Haak Maar Raak! Crochet some cheerful triangles and join them as you go or seam them at the end.

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Fingering (1, Superfine), such as Scheepjes Cotton 8
  • Hook 3.5 mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
Josephine's Rainbow Blanket - Haak Maar Raak

10. Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket

Make the most delightful Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket with this free pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts! The impressive colorwork of this blanket comes from crocheting the moss stitch with color changes at each row.

Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket - Daisy Farm Crafts

11. The Sherbet Baby Blanket

You can tweak the moss stitch in fun ways, for example crorocheting it corner-to-corner (C2C) like in The Sherbet Baby Blanket by Daisy Cottage Designs and have a wonderful bias rainbow!

Sherbet Baby Blanket - Daisy Cottage Designs

12. Rainbow Catherine Wheel Blanket

Bring a smile to your face with the smooth rainbow gradient of the Rainbow Catherine Wheel Blanket by Haak Maar Raak! As an added bonus, there are very few ends to weave in.

Rainbow Catherine Wheel Blanket - Haak Maar Raak

13. Chasing Rainbows Blanket

Set the stage for many happy memories with this Chasing Rainbows Blanket by Marly Bird for Yarnspirations.

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), including Red Heart With Love (Solids) and Red Heart Gumdrop
  • Hook 5.0 mm (H/8 US, 6 UK)
Chasing Rainbows Blanket - Marly Bird for Yarnspirations

14. V-stitch Rainbow Blanket

If you’re looking for a blanket to work up fast, you definitely need to crochet this V-stitch Rainbow Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me. The V-stitch creates a sort of zig-zag which is beautiful in rainbow colors!

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Bernat Super Value Solids (New)
  • Hook 5.0 mm (H/8 US, 6 UK)
V-stitch Rainbow Blanket - Repeat Crafter Me

15. Rainbow Baby Blanket

This Rainbow Baby Blanket by The Crochet Crowd uses the block stitch, a nice variation of the classic granny stitch, and adds a precious moss stitch border.

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Caron Simply Soft Brites
  • Hook 5.0 mm (H/8 US, 6 UK)
Rainbow Baby Blanket - The Crochet Crowd

16. Modern Ripple Baby Blanket

Make a blanket that stands out with this Modern Ripple Baby Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn. The ripple pattern is easy to crochet, and it will be a delight to work it row after row!

Modern Ripple Baby Blanket - Lion Brand Yarn

17. Rainbow Blanket

The Rainbow Blanket by Jo to the World Creations is a fun and easy rainbow crochet blanket pattern. This blanket is completely reversible and you can make it as a crochet baby blanket or a regular-size blanket.

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium), including Lion Brand Pound of Love and Loops & Threads Flecks
  • Hook 5.5 mm (I/9 US, 5 UK)
Rainbow Blanket - Jo to the World Creations

18. Rickrack Rainbow Baby Blanket

The Rickrack Rainbow Baby Blanket by Red Heart Design Team for Yarnspirations is a versatile pattern that is effortless to customize in the colors and sizes you need.

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Red Heart Soft Baby Steps and Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium
  • Hook 5.5 mm (I/9 US, 5 UK)
Rickrack Rainbow Baby Blanket - Red Heart Design Team for Yarnspirations

19. Rainbow Sherbet Wave Blanket

If you love a classic ripple, this Rainbow Sherbet Wave Blanket by A More Crafty Life is a fun and quick pattern to try. You’ll just love the soft waves of this simple, one-row repeat blanket!

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn DK (3, Light), such as Bernat Softee Baby Cotton
  • Hook 5.0 mm (H/8 US, 6 UK)
Rainbow Sherbet Wave Blanket - A More Crafty Life

20. Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

The Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young Designs is one of the all-time favorites on Ravelry.

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Berroco Comfort Solids & Heathers
  • Hook 5.0 mm (H/8 US, 6 UK)
Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket - Celeste Young

21. Over the Rainbow C2C Blanket

The Over the Rainbow C2C Blanket by Make and Do Crew combines traditional corner-to-corner (C2C) diagonal box stitches with textured popcorn stitches to create a modern, cheerful rainbow. The pattern is available as a throw and as a baby blanket.

Over the Rainbow C2C Blanket - Make and Do Crew

22. Falling Hearts Rainbow Blanket

Another beautiful C2C blanket is this Falling Hearts Rainbow Blanket by Lovable Loops Crochet Designs.

Falling Hearts Rainbow Blanket - Lovable Loops Crochet Designs

23. After the Storm Rainbow Blanket

If your life has been a little stormy, find some peace and gratitude by crocheting this After the Storm Rainbow Blanket by While They Dream.

Rainbow Blanket - After the Storm - While They Dream

24. Rainbow Blanket

This Rainbow Blanket by Burgundy and Blush is the perfect introduction to the intarsia colorwork technique.

Rainbow Blanket - Burgundy and Blush

25. The Beautiful Day Blanket

The Beautiful Day Blanket by Pretty Peaceful was inspired by natural childbirth and peaceful parenting. The blanket is double-sided and looks the same on both sides.

The Beautiful Day Blanket - Pretty Peaceful

26. Rainbow Sampler Blanket

You won’t definitely get bored crocheting this Rainbow Sampler Blanket by Haak Maar Raak. Enjoy the color blocks and the huge variety of stitches to try!

Rainbow Sampler Blanket - Haak Maar Raak

27. A Very Rainbow Blanket

A Very Rainbow Blanket by Lilla Bjorn is the perfect stash buster since it can be worked with any yarn leftovers you have. The pattern uses mosaic crochet with only basic stitches. The blanket size is totally customizable.

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Fingering (1, Superfine), such as Scheepjes Metropolis
  • Hook 3.5 mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
A Very Rainbow Blanket - Lilla Bjorn

28. Code of the Rainbow

If you feel like crocheting something mindless, try the Code of the Rainbow by The Guy With The Hook. This pattern is so calming and blends the colors so beautifully that it will work as a sort of color therapy! And in the end, there are almost no ends to weave in.

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Fingering (1, Superfine), including Scheepjes Whirl and Scheepjes Whirlette
  • Hook 3.5 mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
Code of the Rainbow - The Guy with the Hook

29. Twin Rainbow Throw

The Twin Rainbow Throw by And She Laughs for WeCrochet is a mix of minimalism and boho. The blanket is very easy to crochet and it doesn’t require any colorwork because the rainbow is added using surface crochet once the main piece is finished.

  • Get the free pattern HERE
  • Yarn Bluky, including Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky and Knit Picks Fable Fur
  • Hook 10.0 mm (N/P US, 000 UK) and 8.0 mm (L US, 0 UK)
Twin Rainbow Throw - And She Laughs for WeCrochet


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