40 Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

Here are my favorite crochet baby blanket patterns for both baby boys and baby girls! These free blanket patterns range in size from newborns to toddlers and are perfect as baby shower gifts.

Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns - Roundup - Raffamusa Designs

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I collected these patterns thinking about both beginners and more advanced crocheters. So, you’ll find a variety of options from very easy crochet baby blanket patterns to more advanced ones.

Most of these patterns come with step-by-step photos and video tutorials so that you can crochet your favorite baby blanket without a problem!

are crochet baby blankets safe?

It is not safe to leave soft, loose blankets in the crib while the baby is sleeping.

In their guide for safe sleep, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends you “keep loose blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, bumpers, and other soft items out of the sleep space”.

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be crocheting a baby blanket at all.

Crochet blankets can be used safely under the supervision of an adult, and they are very useful to wrap babies or put them down for some tummy time.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll also see how you can improve the safety of a crochet baby blanket by choosing the right stitch and the right yarn!

best crochet stitches for Baby blankets

The best crochet stitches for baby blankets are closed stitches which result in a solid fabric. These include:

The reason for avoiding lacy and open stitches for baby blankets is that the little fingers and toes of small babies can stay trapped in the holes of the crocheted fabric.

At the same time, it is also true that lace blankets are totally safe to use under the supervision of an adult and can be a better choice for babies in hotter climates.

Some of the most common open stitches for baby blankets are:

Best Yarn for Baby Blankets

Soft and washable yarns are always best for crocheting baby blankets. Breathability is also another factor to take into account, especially for babies in warmer climates.

If you’re not sure which yarn to buy for making your baby blanket, you can always rely on the guidelines of yarn brands that carry specific lines for babies. Here are a few examples.

Acrylic yarns – usually more affordable and easy to wash and care for:

Baby wool – soft and very breathable, perfect for all climates but a bit more expensive:

Cotton and Bamboo Yarns – perfect for Summer babies and warmer climates:

How many skeins of Yarn do you need for a Baby Blanket?

The amount of yarn that you’ll need for a blanket largely varies depending on the stitch pattern and the size of the blanket.

Normally, the pattern indicates how many skeins of yarn you’ll need for that specific blanket, but in general, you can expect to use between 4 and 6 skeins for a regular baby blanket.

How to Crochet a Baby Blanket for Beginners

Crochet baby blankets are perfect for beginners because they’re small, simple in shape (usually square or rectangular), and work up fast for a little boost of instant gratification!

Here are some easy steps for you to follow if you want to crochet a baby blanket without following a pattern:

  • Get your yarn and supplies ready – besides a proper crochet hook size for your yarn, you’ll need a stitch marker to prevent your work from unraveling when you’re not crocheting, a yarn needle for weaving in ends, and a pair of scissors;
  • Choose a crochet stitch for your blanket;
  • Estimate how many stitches you’ll need based on the size of the blanket you want to make (see next paragraph for standard blanket sizes);
  • Make a slip knot and make a foundation chain of the right number of stitches for the width of your blanket (plus any extra chains for turning!);
  • Crochet as many rows of your stitch pattern as needed to reach the final length of your blanket;
  • Add a border all around the blanket;
  • Finally, weave in your ends!

Crochet Baby Blanket Sizes

Crochet baby blankets can be of many different sizes, from small loveys of about 12″ (30 cm), to receiving blankets and crib blankets that go up to 40″ (100 cm) to 60″ (150 cm).

To make it easier for you to decide how big your crochet baby blanket should be, here’s a simple chart with standard blanket sizes.

Of course, you do not need to be exact to the inch! These are approximate sizes and you can totally add or subtract a few inches to make the blanket as wide and tall as you need.

Crochet Baby Blanket Size Chart

Adorable Baby Blankets Free Crochet Patterns

Here are some of the best free crochet patterns for lovely baby blankets that you can make for baby boys, baby girls, or gender-neutral nurseries and baby showers.

1. Nest Baby Blanket

The Nest Baby Blanket by Woods and Wool is a simple, striped blanket for a baby’s nursery. The pattern is made with the absolute beginner crocheter in mind. It uses chunky yarn, which makes the stitches easy to see, and it works up in no time.

Nest Baby Blanket - Woods and Wool

2. Easy Baby Blanket

This super Easy Baby Blanket by BHooked combines the simplicity of the half double crochet with a pattern that breaks the blanket into four blocks. The result is a soft and squishy blanket that is a pleasure to look at!

Easy Baby Blanket - B Hooked Crochet

3. AOS Baby Blanket

Pick the boldest colors from your stash and crochet this beautiful AOS Baby Blanket by Yarn Craftee! The simple geometric grid keeps the patterns interesting while only using basic crochet stitches.

Crochet AOS Baby Blanket - Yarn Craftee

4. Quinn Blanket

Another beginner-friendly baby blanket pattern is the Quinn Blanket by TL Yarn Crafts. The blocks are made entirely in double crochet stitches using a unique join-as-you-go method. Plan your color palette or have fun with a little stash busting and make a truly special afghan for your little one!

Crochet Quinn Blanket - TL Yarn Crafts

5. Piper Baby Blanket

The Piper Baby Blanket by The Loophole Fox has a lovely organic look resulting from the mitered square construction and the radiating rays of V-shaped cables. Pick your favorite color combo for this simply unique baby blanket!

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn DK (3, Light), such as Lion Brand Coboo
  • Hook 4.0 mm (G/6 US, 8 UK)
Crochet Piper Baby Blanket - The Loophole Fox

6. Ice Cream Sandwich Baby Blanket

The Ice Cream Sandwich Baby Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn is perfect for beginners. It only uses simple stitches but the construction and the self-striping yarn make it colorful, cozy, and fun!

Ice Cream Sandwich - Lion Brand Yarn

The moss stitch (also known as the granite or linen stitch) is one of the most popular stitches for blankets. It is easy to crochet and it creates a very soft and warm fabric.

So, below, I collected a few baby blankets that use the moss stitch or a variation of it.

7. Country Blues Baby Blanket

The first blanket in the “moss stitch” series is the Country Blues Baby Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts. This blanket is entirely made with the moss stitch working in rows but the pattern is kept interesting by alternating rows of blue and rows of white.

Country Blues Baby Blanket - Daisy Farm Crafts

8. Boho Puff Stripes Blanket

This soft and squishy Boho Puff Stripes Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts is another baby blanket that uses the moss stitch. Here, the sections of moss stitch are alternated with rows of puff stitches for a very elegant result. This pattern is ideal if you’re wanting to crochet a white baby blanket.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek Solids
  • Hook 6.0 mm (J/10 US, 4 UK)
Boho Puff Stripes Blanket - Daisy Farm Crafts

9. Flower Meadow Blanket

With this Flower Meadow Blanket by Nana’s Crafty Home, you can explore and practice the moss stitch crocheted in the round. A sort of huge moss stitch granny square! The blanket has a gorgeous flower edge detail where the flowers are crocheted directly into your blanket, so, no sewing is required.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), including Red Heart Unforgettable and Red Heart Super Saver Ombré
  • Hook 6.0 mm (J/10 US, 4 UK)
Flower Meadow Blanket - Nana's Crafty Home

10. Sherbet Baby Blanket

The last baby blanket using a variation of the most stitch is the corner-to-corner (C2C) Sherbet Baby Blanket by Daisy Cottage Designs. This blanket is ideal with self-striping yarn!

Sherbet Baby Blanket - Daisy Cottage Designs

After exploring the moss stitch, it’s now time to move and see a few patterns and ideas to crochet beautiful baby blankets using another crochet classic, the granny stitch!

11. Rainbow Edged Granny Blanket

An easy way to turn a simple white granny square into a stunning blanket is this Rainbow Edged Granny by Zeens and Roger. The secret is in the rainbow border of course!

Rainbow Edged Granny Blanket - Zeens and Roger

12. Good Morning Sunshine Blanket

Another granny staple is the granny stripe stitch, and with this Good Morning Sunshine Blanket pattern by Make and Do Crew, you can add a modern twist to it. The tassels put emphasis on the playful color palette for the perfect blanket for your kiddo.

Good Morning Sunshine Blanket - Make and Do Crew

13. Love Triangles Baby Blanket

If you’re ready for more adventurous colorworks, try this Love Triangles Baby Blanket by One Dog Woof. The pattern adds a geometric twist to the traditional granny stripe stitch, and it makes the perfect blanket for both boys and girls.

Love Triangles Baby Blanket - One Dog Woof

Besides being extremely cute, granny square blankets have the great advantage of being very practical to crochet bit by bit. You can make a few grannies here and there while watching a TV show, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or for your kids’ sports activities.

There are endless possibilities for granny square blankets, but here are a few ideas.

15. Color Salad Baby Blanket

The Color Salad Baby Blanket is made using solid granny squares in many different colors. The solid fabric is warm and safe for newborns, and you can customize your color palettes for girls, boys, or gender-neutral baby blankets.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn DK (3, Light), such as Hobbii Amigo
  • Hook 4.0 mm (G/6 USA, 8 UK)
Crochet Color Salad Baby Blanket - Free Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

14. Bumble Bee Baby Blanket

These chubby bumble bees are buzzing all over the Bee Baby Blanket! You can mix and match these granny squares with any granny squares from the Spring, Summer, Christmas, or Halloween collections and make your unique blanket!

Bee Granny Square Blanket - Raffamusa Designs

16. Dainty Daisy Granny Square Blanket

Another beautiful variation of the classic granny blanket is this Dainty Daisy Granny Square Blanket by Just Be Crafty.

Dainty Daisy Granny Square Blanket - Just Be Crafty

17. Millie Bobble Baby Blanket

The Millie Bobble Baby Blanket by Winding Road Crochet is colorful, textured, and just perfect for a new arrival. This checkered pattern can be planned out with your favorite color palette, or you can simply use yarn from your stash.

Millie Bobble Baby Blanket - Winding Road Crochet

18. Puffy Hearts Blanket

You can crochet this Puffy Hearts Blanket by Yarn Hook Needles in any size you need, and it’s the sweetest gift for a newborn!

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Big Twist Value Solids
  • Hook 5.0 mm (H/8 US, 6 UK)
Puffy Hearts Blanket - Yarn Hook Needles

19. Simply Nesting Blanket

The Simply Nesting Blanket by Rich Textures Crochet has a great texture and offers endless color possibilities! The pattern only uses the nesting V stitch across, so it is easy to memorize.

Simply Nesting Blanket - Rich Textures Crochet

20. Modern Classic Baby Blanket

The Modern Classic Baby Blanket by Kirsten Holloway Designs is a classic crochet baby blanket pattern with a vintage twist. The pattern offers several size options. This pattern is ideal for neutral tones or for making a white baby blanket.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn DK (3, Light), such as Bernat Baby Sport Solids & Marls
  • Hook 5.5 mm (I/9 US, 5 UK)
Modern Classic Baby Blanket - Kirsten Holloway Designs

21. Cross My Heart Baby Blanket

The Cross My Heart Baby Blanket by Nana’s Crafty Home features a center cross that makes this blanket an heirloom to share! The textured cross is obtained with a slight modification of the popcorn stitch, and the secondary yarn color is carried inside the stitches so that there aren’t too many ends to weave in at the end.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn DK (3, Light), such as Baby Bee Sweet Delight
  • Hook 4.5 mm (7 US, 7 UK)
Cross My Heart Baby Blanket - Nana's Crafty Home

22. Winter Trees Baby Blanket

This Winter Trees Baby Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts is amazingly soft and squishy. It uses quite a thick stitch. Moreover, yarns are carried throughout, so this blanket is perfect for cold-weather babies.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium), such as Bernat Bundle Up
  • Hook 5.5 mm (I/9 US, 5 UK)
Winter Trees Baby Blanket - Daisy Farm Crafts

23. Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

The Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young is one of Ravelry’s favorite baby blankets. The round ripple pattern and the rainbow colors make it the perfect baby blanket for new babies and special kids!

  • Get the free pattern on Ravelry HERE;
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Berroco Comfort Solids & Heathers
  • Hook 5.0 mm (H/8 US, 6 UK)
Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket - Celeste Young

24. Nautical Waves Blanket

The Nautical Waves Blanket by Annie Design Crochet uses a 2-row repeat pattern to create some beautiful and squishy sea waves full of texture.

Nautical Waves Blanket - Annie's Design Crochet

25. Marshmallow Clouds Baby Blanket

The Marshmallow Clouds Baby Blanket by OneLittleHook is a timeless baby blanket pattern with a gorgeous texture and a magnificent ruffled border. Make one yourself and pass it on for generations.

Crochet Marshmallows Clouds Baby Blanket - One Little Hook

26. Petal Stitch Baby Blanket

This fabulous Petal Stitch Baby Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts has an antique and classic look. The petal stitch pattern might require some practicing but it is totally worth the effort.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn DK (3, Light), such as Bernat Baby Sport Solids & Marls
  • Hook 4.25 mm (G/6 US, 8 UK)
Petal Stitch Baby Blanket - Daisy Farm Crafts

27. Solar System Baby Blanket

A crochet baby blanket that is out of this world? Here is the Solar System Baby Blanket by Yarnspirations! This star-shaped blanket is the perfect gift to warm up the nursery or playroom.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium), such as Bernat Bundle Up
  • Hook 5.5 mm (I/9 US, 5 UK)
Solar System Baby Blanket - Yarnspirations

28. Rocketship Baby Blanket

This playful Rocketship Baby Blanket by Yarnspirations is going to stimulate young minds while comforting them at nap time! This blanket is crocheted using the classic C2C technique.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium), such as Bernat Bundle Up
  • Hook 5.5 mm (I/9 US, 5 UK)
C2C Crochet Rocketship Baby Blanket - Yarnspirations

29. Heart C2C Baby Blanket

Another simple and beautiful C2C blanket is this Heart Baby Blanket by Easy Crochet. You can easily make one for a boy or a girl, or use neutral tones for a gender-neutral nursery.

Heart C2C Baby Blanket - Easy Crochet

30. Bunny C2C Blanket

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Spring babies, this Bunny C2C Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me is the right pattern for you. The ears of the rabbit are extremely fuzzy and soft because they’re made with fur yarn.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), including Bernat Pipsqueak and Bernat Super Value Solids
  • Hook 5.0 mm (H/8 US, 6 UK)
Bunny C2C Blanket - Repeat Crafter Me

31. Waves of Grain C2C Blanket

For this Waves of Grain Blanket by Made By Gootie you’re going to use the C2C V stitch with some added V-puffs to create a beautiful texture that looks like wheat ears.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Furls Wander
  • Hook 5.5 mm (I/9 US, 5 UK)
Waves of Grain C2C Blanket - Made by Gootie

32. C2C Silt Blanket

The C2C Silt Blanket by Maria’s Blue Crayon is a colorful baby blanket crocheted using the silt stitch worked corner-to-corner. The texture is soft, interesting, and full of surprises!

C2C Silt Blanket - Maria's Blue Crayon

33. Bebe Baby Blanket

The Bebe Baby Blanket by The Turtle Trunk has a very simple chevron design that only requires basic crochet stitches, making it accessible to beginners. This crochet blanket works up fast, so it’s the perfect last-minute baby shower gift!

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek Solids
  • Hook 6.0 mm (J/10 US, 4 UK)
Bebe Baby Blanket - The Turtle Trunk

34. Cable Your Love Blanket

The incredible texture of this Cable Your Love Blanket by Yarnspirations is a true piece of art! If cables don’t scare you, this cute baby blanket pattern is a gem that you’ll love making.

Crochet Cable Your Love Blanket - Yarnspirations

35. Buffalo Plaid Baby Blanket

The Buffalo Plaid Baby Blanket by Stitching Together is a wonderful gift to welcome a new baby. This blanket pattern uses the spider stitch for the main body, and single crochet stitches to make the buffalo plaid at the border.

Buffalo Plaid Baby Blanket - Stitching Together

36. Dainty Shells Baby Blanket

The delicate shells and the crisp border of the Dainty Shells Baby Blanket by All About Ami make this blanket a dream to work up!

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium), such as Lion Brand Nuboo
  • Hook 4.0 mm (G/6 US, 8 UK)
Crochet Dainty Shells Baby Blanket - All About Ami

37. Basket Weave Baby Blanket

The Basket Weave Baby Blanket by Patterns by Dot uses the basketweave stitch to create a simple, textured baby blanket that is perfect to keep your little one extra warm and cozy.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Aran (4, Medium), such as Caron One Pound
  • Hook 8.0 mm (L/11 US, 0 UK)
Crochet Basket Weave Baby Blanket - Patterns by Dot

38. Four Points Baby Blanket

The Four Points Baby Blanket in Linen Quill by Purl Soho uses single crochet stitches to make a smooth and supple fabric.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn Fingering
  • Hook 3.25 mm (D/3 US, 10 UK)
Four Points Baby Blanket - Purl Soho

39. Adorable Baby Blanket

This snuggly Adorable Baby Blanket by Jo to the World Creations makes a perfect crochet gift for a baby shower gift! This reversible blanket only uses two stitches (single and double crochet) and features a ribbed border.

  • Get the free pattern HERE;
  • Yarn DK (3, Light), such as Bernat Baby Sport Solids & Marls
  • Hook 5.0 mm (H/8 US, 6 UK)
Crochet Adorable Baby Blanket - Jo to the World

40. Cuddly Soft Corner-to-Corner Baby Blanket

The Cuddly Soft Corner-to-Corner Baby Blanket by A Crocheted Simplicity uses a very simple stitch pattern that creates lots of texture while working up quickly!

Cuddly Soft C2C Baby Blanket - A Crocheted Simplicity

I hope you enjoyed these free crochet baby blanket patterns!

I’d love to see which one you’re making! Please, share a pic of your work on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #raffamusadesigns!

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