How to Join Crochet with the Whip Stitch Join

Learn how to whip stitch join granny squares and crochet pieces together with this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Join Crochet with the Whip Stitch - Raffamusa Designs

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What is the whip stitch?

The whip stitch (or whipstitch as a single word) is a durable sewing stitch that is used for joining two pieces together while creating a nice pattern at the edge.

You can really join anything with the whip stitch, from crochet or knit pieces to fabric panels.

The whip stitch is also used in quilting and leatherwork, and it works great for clothing alterations (think hems for example) or appliques because it prevents the cut edges of fabric from fraying.

What do you use the whip stitch for in crochet?

In crochet, you can use the whip stitch for many things, including:

Can you whip stitch with a crochet hook?

The short answer is that you cannot whip stitch with a crochet hook. The whip stitch is a hand-sewing technique that you do with a needle!

If you really dislike seaming your crochet pieces together, explore the joining methods that you can do with a crochet hook in this article HERE.

If you decided to give the whip stitch a try, yay! Let’s take a look at the materials we’ll need.


  • Two crochet pieces to join. In this tutorial, I’m joining a few solid granny squares;
  • A tapestry needle (or yarn needle);
  • A length of yarn that is about twice the length of the seam you need to make.

Notice that for this tutorial, I am whipstitching with a contrasting yarn color, so that my seam is clearly visible. However, you can use a neutral color for a more invisible seam!

How to Whip Stitch Join Crochet

Step 1

Lay your crochet pieces with the sides you want to seam next to each other and with the right side facing up.

In the example in the picture below, you can see my two solid granny squares. The long arrow in the middle shows you the direction that we’ll follow for whipstitching.

The two small arrows at the corners indicate the two treble stitches where we’ll start joining!

Whip Stitch Tutorial - Step 1 - Raffamusa Designs

For a straight and neat seam, make sure to alight your pieces so that you’ll always join the corresponding stitches on the two panels.

Pro Tip
If you’re joining the raw edges of panels that you worked in rows (i.e. turning your work at the end of each row), every 5-6 rows, use a clip or a stitch marker to hold the corresponding rows together!

Step 2

Thread your needle with the length of yarn you chose for sewing, and insert it through the corresponding stitches on both squares from left to right, as shown in the left panel of the picture below.

Then, pull the yarn making sure to leave a short end for weaving in later.

Whip Stitch Tutorial - Step 2 - Raffamusa Designs

You can also insert your hook from right to left if you prefer. The important thing is to always keep the same direction of sewing throughout!

Step 3

Move to the next set of stitches (the ones indicated by the arrows on the right panel of the picture for step 2). Insert the needle through both stitches from left to right, and pull the yarn.

Whip Stitch Tutorial - Step 3 - Raffamusa Designs

N.B. Contrary to the mattress stitch, where you can tighten the seam every few stitches, for the whip stitch, it is important to pull the yarn as you go!

Step 4

Repeat step 3 for the next pair of stitches, and for all the remaining ones.

Whip Stitch Tutorial - Step 4 - Raffamusa Designs

When you’re done whipstitching your panels together, your seam will look like the one shown below.

Whip Stitch Tutorial for Crochet - Raffamusa Designs

Step 5

If you’re joining granny squares, you’ll probably want to seam more than two squares.

To keep joining more squares, place the two new squares next to each other with the sides to seam aligned with the seam you already made.

Whip Stitch Tutorial - Step 5 a - Raffamusa Designs

Then, continue to whipstitch starting from the corresponding corners and moving all the way up, as you did for the first two squares.

Whip Stitch Tutorial - Step 5 c - Raffamusa Designs

Step 6

Once you’re done seaming squares in one direction, repeat the same steps to join the squares in the perpendicular direction (indicated by the arrow in the photo below).

Whip Stitch Tutorial - Raffamusa Designs

One thing that I really love about joining squares with this method is the little cross stitch that the whip stitch creates at the intersection of four squares!

How to Join Crochet with the Whip Stitch - Raffamusa Designs

I HOPE THAT YOU ENJOYED THIS FREE TUTORIAL ON how to join crochet pieces with the whip stitch JOIN!

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