How to Crochet the Tunisian Extended Stitch – with Free Square Pattern

Today, I would like to add my Tunisian Extended Stitch Tutorial to my Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide.

Tunisian Crochet Extended Stitch Tutorial and Square Pattern - RaffamusaDesigns

And since learning a new stitch is fun but making something is even more fun, I am going to mix the stitch tutorial with an easy and quick Square Pattern.

Tunisian Crochet Extended Stitch

At first sight, the Tunisian Extended Stitch might be mistaken for Tunisian Simple Stitch, a bit weird but hey, you were not paying attention.

Now, take a closer look, especially between the two dashed lines in the image below.

In between the dashed lines, you can see one row of Tunisian Extended Stitch

Do you notice any difference with the Tunisian Simple Stitch?

For sure you’ll have noticed that there is an extra bit at the base of the stitch. Those extra “bits” explain the “extended” part of the Tunisian Extended Stitch.

Abbreviation and Chart Symbol

The official abbreviation of the Tunisian Extended Stitch is Tes and here below you can see its official chart symbol.

Chart symbol of the Tunisian Extended Stitch

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  • 6.5 mm (K/10.5 USA, 3 UK) Tunisian Crochet Hook
  • 5 mm (H/8 USA, 6 UK) Crochet Hook
  • DK (3, Light) Yarn in one 2 contrasting colors
  • Tapestry Needle

Yarn & Yardage

I used approximately 61 yds (56 m) of Mighty Stitch by Knit Picks but any equivalent DK yarn will work.

Abbreviations (US Terms)

Ch – Chain
MC – Magic Circle
Return – Standard Tunisian Return
Sc – Single Crochet
Sk – Skip
Sl St – Slip Stitch
St – Stitch
Tes – Tunisian Extended Stitch
Tss Tunisian Simple Stitch
Yo – Yarn over

Special Stitches

Standard Tunisian Return (Return)
Yo, pull through the first loop on your hook, *yo, pull through 2 loops*. Repeat in between * for all the loops until you will only have one remaining loop on your hook.

Square Size

The finished square measures 8” (20 cm) by 8” (20 cm).


14 Tes for 9 rows in 4” (10 cm).

Special Note

This tutorial shows how to crochet the Tes as for a Tss, meaning that we will insert the hook under each vertical bar in the same way as for a regular Tunisian simple stitch.

However, you can crochet the Tes in all the possible ways, for example as for the Tunisian knit stitch, full stitch, reverse, purl, or wrapped.

Tunisian Extended Stitch Tutorial & Square Pattern

With your 6.5-mm Tunisian crochet hook and the yarn in your main color, ch 29.

Tunisian Extended Foundation Row

The foundation row for the Tunisian Extended Stitch is slightly different than a regular Tunisian Foundation Row.

While normally you would start your foundation row from the second ch from your hook, here we will start from the third chain!

  • Step 1. Identify the back bump of the third chain from your hook.
  • Step 2. Insert your hook under that back bump.
  • Step 3. Yo.
  • Step 4. Pull up a loop.
How to crochet the Tunisian Extended Foundation row, part 1
  • Step 5. Yo again.
  • Step 6. Pull up a loop.
  • Step 7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for all the chains. You should have 28 loops on your hook.
  • Step 8. Make a standard return pass.
How to crochet the Tunisian Extended Foundation row, part 2

Your Tunisian Extended Foundation Row is complete.

Tunisian Crochet Extended Stitch

  • Step 9. Before starting a row in Tes, the first thing to do is to ch 1. This will give you the extra height that you need for your stitches. Then, identify the front vertical bar of the second stitch.
  • Step 10. Insert your hook under the front vertical bar of the second st from right to left (for right-handed crocheters) as for a regular Tss.
  • Step 11. Yo.
  • Step 12. Pull up a loop.
How to crochet the Tunisian Extended stitch, part 1
  • Step 13. Yo again.
  • Step 14. Pull up a loop.
  • Step 15. Repeat steps 10 to 14 for all the remaining stitches. For the last st, insert your hook under both the vertical bars.
  • Step 16. Your forward pass is complete. You can now go on with a standard return pass.
How to crochet the Tunisian Extended stitch, part 2

Complete Your Square

In the steps above we made the foundation row and row 1 of our square.

Rows 2-10. Tes (instructions of points 9 to 16) in each st using the yarn in your main color.
Row 11. For the forward pass, tes in each st using the yarn in your main color. Switch to your contrasting color for the return pass.
Rows 11-16. Tes in each st with the contrasting colored yarn.

Binding Off

Row 17. To bind off, repeat steps 9-13.
Then, for step 14, instead of leaving your st on the hook, simply sl st the loop through the loop on your hook.

Repeat the instructions above for all your sts.


Do not fasten off or cut your yarn. Instead, continue to add a border.

With your regular 5-mm crochet hook, sc all around. At the corner, sc in the last st of the side, ch 1, and sc in the first st of the next side.

Flower Appliques

Crochet all your flowers with the yarn in your contrasting color following the Easy Flower Applique pattern HERE.

Make 1 small, 2 medium, and 2 large flower appliques.


Sew the flower appliques on your Tes square, and weave in all the ends.

Your Tunisian extended Flower Square is ready!

I hope you enjoyed this stitch tutorial. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help or support. I am looking forward to seeing all your beautiful makes on Facebook and Instagram!

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