How to Crochet an Easy Tunisian Crochet Man Scarf

This simple and easy Tunisian Crochet Man Scarf is the right Tunisian crochet project to make something special for the man in your family or friend, and practice a fun Tunisian crochet stitch!

Tunisian Crochet Man Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

Ideally, crocheting a man’s scarf is the easiest thing on earth. No difficult stitches, no fluffy details.

However, I am not sure why but finding the right crochet idea for a man can be so complicated that it often ends up being more like a “mission impossible”!

The “mission impossible” situation was exactly where I was when I started thinking about a crochet present for my brother.

Then I thought, let’s just make it plain and simple but super soft and warm!

That’s how I grabbed my crochet hook and started making this diagonal lattice Tunisian crochet scarf!

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Personalize Your Scarf!

This scarf is the perfect project to use up those half skeins and all the scarps that are sitting around in your craft room.

For my scarf, I used two leftover skeins of Katia Azteca, one in a kind of black/grey color (colorway 7801) and one in a blueish color (colorway 7823).

This was a beautiful coincidence for me to have these colors because they happen to be the colors of Inter, my brother’s favorite football club!

I also added some yellow details using surface crochet. Since this is not an essential element of the scarf, I will just leave it here, but you can have fun adding some details using some contrasting color yarn.

Make sure to pin the free pattern of the Tunisian crochet Man Scarf to find it and crochet it later. Feel free to use this Pin!

How to Crochet an Easy Tunisian Crochet Man Scarf - Free Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

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Ad-Free PDF Pattern

This pattern is available as a downloadable PDF in my Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and Etsy stores! The PDF pattern contains step-by-step instructions on how to crochet the diagonal lattice stitch as well!

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  • Aran (4, Medium) Yarn. I used Katia Azteca (colorways 7801 and 7823).
  • 7.0-mm (2 UK) Crochet Hook.

It does not necessarily have to be a Tunisian crochet hook. If you hold your hook from the end making sure not to lose stitches, your regular crochet hook might work just fine.

Crochet Abbreviations (US Terms)

Ch – Chain
Return – Standard Tunisian Return
Sk – Skip
Sl St – Slip Stitch
St – Stitch
Tss – Tunisian Simple Stitch
Yo – Yarn Over

Special Stitches

Standard Tunisian Return (Return)
Yo, pull through the first loop on your hook, *yo, pull through two loops. Repeat from * for all the loops on your hook until you only have one loop on your hook.

Pattern Notes

  • Always skip the very first st.
  • The first stitch is included in the stitch count.
  • The last stitch is worked under both loops of the final ch from the previous row.
  • Throughout the pattern, the stitch count is 30 sts.
  • The instructions below only describe the forward pass. The return pass is always a Standard Tunisian Return.


6.25” (16 cm) by 65.4” (166 cm).


Working the Diagonal Lattice Stitch: 20 sts (10 crosses) for 13 rows in 4” (10 cm).

Tunisian Crochet Man Scarf - Free - Raffamusa Designs

Tunisian Crochet Man Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

Ch 30.

Foundation Row. Working in the back bumps, insert your hook into the second ch from the hook, yo, pull up a loop. Pull up a loop in every ch.

Row 1. Sk the very first vertical bar. *Insert your hook under both the second and third vertical bars. Yo and pull up a loop. Go back to the second vertical bar, insert your hook under it, yo, and pull up a loop. Repeat from * across until you have one vertical bar and the last st still to work. Make one last tss. Work the last st by inserting your hook under both loops.

Diagonal Lattice Tunisian crochet stitch

Row 2. Sk the very first vertical bar, make 1 tss. *Insert your hook into the next two vertical bars, yo, and pull up a loop. Work one more tss into the first of the two vertical bars. Repeat from * until the end. Last st.

Tunisian crochet Diagonal Lattice Stitch

Keep alternating rows 1 and 2 until you reach your desired length or approximately 166 cm.

Bind off by sl st into each vertical bar across.

Your Tunisian Crochet Man Scarf is ready!

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Free Crochet Pattern - Tunisian Crochet Man Scarf - Raffamusa Designs

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