How to Single Crochet a Pentagon

Today, I’d like to share with you my single crochet pentagon pattern.

Single Crochet Pentagon - Raffamusa Designs

There are several ways you can go about crocheting a pentagon, mostly using double crochet stitches.

However, while double crochet pentagons are mostly useful for blankets, garments, and other accessories, a nice, solid pentagon in single crochet can be very handy for all sorts of Amigurumi and home decor projects.

There was a little bit of trial and error to get to the perfect formula to crochet a pentagon in single crochet, and you’ll see that the pattern is not a simple repeat of one round all the way.

Instead, it’s a combination of two different increase patterns with an interesting repetition every 4 rounds.

To make things easier, I’ll first share the pattern up to round 18. Then, I’ll guide you through the logic of the pattern, so that you can continue behind round 18 if you need to.

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Single Crochet Pentagon - Free Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

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Any yarn with the appropriate hook.

I used:


Inc – Increase
MC – Magic Circle
Sc – Single Crochet
St – Stitch

Special Stitches

Increase (Inc)
One increase consists of 2 sts worked in the same indicated st.


  • If the pattern says “sc 2”, you have to crochet 1 sc into each of the next 2 sts.
  • (…) – Repeat the instruction within brackets for the indicated times.
  • *… – Repeat the instruction from * for the indicated number of times.
  • […] – Crochet the instructions within brackets into the same indicated st.


Make a MC.

Round 1. Sc 5. (5 sts)

Round 2. Sc inc 5. (10 sts, photo 1)

Round 3. (Sc 1, [sc 3]) 5 times. (20 sts, photo 2)

Round 4. Sc 2, (sc inc 1, sc 3) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 1. (25 sts, photo 3)

Round 5. Sc 2, (sc inc 1, sc 4) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 2. (30 sts, photo 4)

Round 6. Sc 3, ([sc 3], sc 5) 4 times, [sc 3], sc 2. (40 sts, photo 5)

Round 7. Sc 4, (sc inc 1, sc 7) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 3. (45 sts, photo 6)

How to Single Crochet a Pentagon - Step-by-Step Tutorial - Raffamusa Designs

Round 8. Sc 4, (sc inc 1, sc 8) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 4. (50 sts)

Round 9. Sc 4, (sc inc 1, sc 9) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 5. (55 sts)

Round 10. Sc 4, (sc inc 1, sc 10) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 6. (60 sts)

Round 11. Sc 5, ([sc 3], sc 11) 4 times, [sc 3], sc 6. (70 sts)

Round 12. Sc 6, (sc inc 1, sc 13) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 7. (75 sts)

Round 13. Sc 6, (sc inc 1, sc 14) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 8. (80 sts)

Round 14. Sc 6, (sc inc 1, sc 15) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 9. (85 sts)

Round 15. Sc 6, (sc inc 1, sc 16) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 10. (90 sts)

Round 16. Sc 7, ([sc 3], sc 17) 4 times, [sc 3], sc 10. (100 sts)

Round 17. Sc 8, (sc inc 1, sc 19) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 11. (105 sts)

Round 18. Sc 8, (sc inc 1, sc 20) 4 times, sc inc 1, sc 12. (110 sts)

Single CROCHET A PENTAGON – Pattern Explanation

Now that you saw the pattern, you might wonder why I used two different kinds of increase patterns:

  • One increase pattern is the one that we first saw for round 3, where the increases were done with a [sc 3] at each corner.
  • Then, there is the other method where the increases are done with a single crochet increase at each corner, like in round 4.

Let’s take a step back.

When I first made a pentagon, I used a much simpler pattern, which we will call “WRONG Pentagon”, that went like this:

Round 1. Sc 5. (5 sts)
Round 2. [Sc 3] in each st around. (15 sts)
Round 3. (Sc inc 1, sc 2) 5 times. (20 sts)
Round 4. (Sc inc 1, sc 3) 5 times. (25 sts)
Round 5. (Sc inc 1, sc 4) 5 times. (30 sts)
And so on…

Very easy to remember and the pentagon looked like the one below.

You might notice that this pentagon was kind of working, it wasn’t very pointy at the corners but it was a pentagon!

Single Crochet Pentagon - Raffamusa Designs

With the exception that this pattern can only work well up to rounds 6 or 7 before it won’t lay flat. You can try it for yourself if you want. At some point, you’ll get a sort of dome.

The reason? The stitches don’t increase enough!

So, I made a nice table where I compared the stitch counts of a single crochet circle with the stitch counts of my WRONG Pentagon.

From there, I realized that every 4 rounds, it needed to have 10 increases instead of just 5. And to obtain that, every 4 rounds, I inserted a round where the increases are made with a [sc 3] at each corner.

RIGHT PentagonSc CircleWRONG Pentagon
Round 1565
Round 2101215
Round 3201820
Round 4252425
Round 5303030
Round 6403635
Round 7454240
Round 8504845
Round 9555450
Round 10606055
Round 11706660
Round 12757265
Round 13807870
Round 14858475
Round 15909080
Round 161009685
Round 1710510290
Round 1811010895
Round 19115114100
Round 20120120105
Round 21130126110
Round 22135132115
Round 23140138120
Round 24145144125
Round 25150150130
Single Crochet Pentagon vs Single Crochet Circle – Stitch Counts

If you take a look at the table, you’ll see that the stitch counts don’t correspond exactly for each round. However, with the right pentagon pattern, every 4 rounds, you have the same stitch count as for the simple crochet circle.

After each one of those rounds where the stitch counts are the same, you need to increase with the [sc 3] at the corners instead of a sc inc.

Then, make 4 rounds with a sc inc at the corners, and so on.

I hope this makes sense!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or doubts, or if you want to suggest a more simple way to make a single crochet pentagon.


I hope you enjoyed this free pentagon pattern! Please, share your projects made with single crochet pentagons on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #raffamusadesigns.

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  1. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. Thank you! I was following another pattern and making the inevitable domes. Your pattern has it figured out – thanks!!

  2. Wow you are amazing. I wish my brain worked the way yours does. It is why you’re a great designer. Thank you not only for sharing the pattern for a sc pentagon, but also for sharing the logic. It makes much more sense to me now. 👏

  3. Great work on the increases!
    I ended this pattern with 2 slip stitches to avoid the step down & the last stitch is barely noticeable.


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