Single Crochet Invisible Decrease

The Single Crochet Invisible Decrease is one of those techniques that really change your crocheting life! Whenever a pattern calls for a single crochet decrease, the invisible decrease is the way to go.

Have you ever experienced getting ugly holes in your Amigurumi‘s when doing decreases? Well, with the invisible decrease you can say goodbye to those.

Learning how to make an invisible decrease is easier than you think. Find out how to get more professional-looking projects in this easy-peasy step-by-step photo tutorial!

Grab yarn and hook and follow me!

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3 Easy Steps to Make a Single Crochet Invisible Decrease

Step 1

Insert your crochet hook in the front loop of the next stitch with a movement from the bottom to the top.

Step 1

Step 2

Twist your crochet hook downwards so that you can insert it on top of the next stitch.
It might not be super easy at first and you might have to distort your work a bit, but that is totally normal.

Step 2 of the Single Crochet Invisible Decrease

Step 3

The last step is a sort of slip stitch. You will understand why in a second.

Yarn over and pull the yarn through the stitch. You now have three loops on your hook.
At this point, you have to grab again that same loop that you just passed through the stitch and keep pulling it through the other two loops on your hook, like indicated by the arrow in the image below.

Step 3 of the Single Crochet Invisible Decrease

Your invisible decrease is done!

Doesn’t it look just like one normal single crochet?! Now that you have learned this new technique, you can continue your crochet project without any holes or ugly distortions!

I hope you enjoyed this crochet tutorial. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help or support. I am looking forward to chatting with you on Facebook and Instagram!

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