Popcorn Bath Rug

The Popcorn Bath Rug is a quick crochet project with T-shirt yarn that has a guaranteed beautiful result. The name of this project obviously comes from the popcorn stitch that I used at the sides of the rug. The funny thing is that since I used white yarn for popcorn stitches, they actually look like popcorns! The contrast between the main color of the rug and the popcorn stitches creates a very eye-catching effect. Surely, this rug looks modern and fresh, and it will look great not only in your bath, but also in front of your backdoor, or on your patio if you prefer.

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For making the Popcorn Bath Rug I used Hoooked Zpagetti Yarn. As I already explained in my Heart Basket pattern post, I am a big fan of Hoooked Zpagetti yarn because it is entirely produced from recycled cotton. Isn’t it great?!
As with all other T-shirt yarns, your hands might ache a bit from working with big hooks and thick yarn. Moreover, the rug will get heavier and heavier row after row, so that it can become tiring to work on this project. But look at the bright side, you can skip your gym session for the day! If it gets too tiring, just take some rest but, please, do not give up. The result is totally worth the pain and effort!

Hoooked Zpagetti yarn is a T-shirt yarn made from recycled cotton and a small percentage of other fibers.

More about the yarn

  • The Hoooked Zpagetti yarn is thick but quite stretchy, which is ideal to make a sturdy yet soft rug. However, it might get tricky when it comes to keeping your work tension. My advice is to never ever pull on the Zpagetti yarn too much while crocheting. Basically, try not to crochet too tight. This way you will avoid distorted or uneven stitches.
  • Hoooked Zpagetti is quite homogenous in thickness. However, some parts might be much narrower. This can result in smaller stitches and uneven texture. To avoid unpleasant gaps in your finished item, I’d suggest you crochet two stitches together whenever you notice your yarn getting thinner.
  • Do not trust the knots that are already made to join the strands of yarn. They will most likely come undone while your crocheting or after you wash your crocheted piece. The best is to sew the ends together. You can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to join T-shirt yarn in this blog post.


– 10.0-mm (13/N USA, 000 UK) Hook
– 200 m (218.7 yards) of Super Bulky Hoooked Zpagetti yarn (5-6 wpi) in Marsala Bordeux Shades
– 30 m (32.8 yards) of Super Bulky Hoooked Zpagetti yarn (5-6 wpi) in White

Crochet abbreviations (US Terms)

Ch – Chain
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Popcorn st– Popcorn Stitch
Sk– Skip
St(s) –Stitch(es)
Yo – Yarn Over

Special Stitches

Popcorn Stitch

For the popcorns of the Popcorn Bath Rug, I used a 3-dc popcorn stitch. To make this st, crochet 3 dc in indicated st, remove hook from loop, and insert hook into the first dc of the popcorn. Now, keeping the hook inserted in the first dc, also grab the loop of the third dc that you had left, and pull it through the first dc of the popcorn.


The finished Popcorn Bath Rug is approximately 56 cm (22”) wide and 71.5 cm (28”) long.


A gauge swatch of 7 dc for 4 rows should result in a rectangular of 10 cm (4”) by 9 cm (3.5”).

Pattern Notes

The turning 2- or 3-ch at the beginning of each row does not count as a stitch.


Using bordeux yarn, start 40 chains.

1. Dc in the back bump of the fourth chain from hook, dc in each back bump of the sts until end. (37 sts)

2. Ch 2, one hdc in the next 2 sts. *With bordeux yarn, yo, go into st, pull up a loop. Switch to white yarn, yo, pull through all three loops on hook (Basically, begin one hdc with bordeux yarn and close it with the white yarn). With white yarn, make a popcorn st in the next st, switch back to bordeux yarn and hdc in the next two sts*. Repeat in between * 8 more times. (37 sts)

3. With bordeux yarn, ch 3, dc in each st. (37 sts)

4. With bordeux yarn, ch 2, hdc in the first 3 sts, Repeat in between * as described for row 2 for 8 times. Make one hdc in the last two sts. (37 sts)

5-30. Repeat row 3. (37 sts)

31. Repeat row 4. (37 sts)

32. Ch 3, dc in each st. (37 sts)

33. Repeat row 2. (37 sts)

34. Ch 3, dc in each st. (37 sts)

Tie off. Weave in ends.


Prepare a number of 20-cm (8”) long pieces of bordeux and/or white yarn.

With right side facing, insert hook from front to back in the first st of the short side of the rug. Pull up the piece of yarn from its center, thus creating a loop. Pull the loop just as much as needed to let the two tails pass through it from back to front, and close the fringe very firmly. Continue attaching one fringe per st along both short sides of the rug.

You can alternate marsala bordeux shades and white fringes, or choose one of the two colors depending on your taste.

Popcorn Bath Rug

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