Ice Cream Crochet Applique

Here it is, my Ice Cream Crochet Applique!

While it is still rainy outside and yet another storm hits the Netherlands weekend after weekend, I seem to have already started dreaming about summer and my favorite summer food, ice cream!

Ice cream Crochet Applique

Let’s be honest, when I am in Italy, I eat ice cream all year round. There’s no freezing winter that can stop me from getting a couple (or more) scoops of gelato! However, here in the north of Europe, good ice cream is one of the most difficult things to find during the cold season, maybe the most difficult after a faint ray of sun! Seriously, where’s the sun? And why do gelato places shut down in the winter? Ok, to be fair, some ice cream places are still open but they’re not the ones that I carefully selected as “good” after tasting the ice cream of every single ice cream place in town.

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Now that my gelato obsession is known to the public, let’s talk a bit about this Ice Cream Crochet Applique. I crocheted the first one to decorate my Tunisian Crochet Cottage Potholders, which I shared last week. After making the first applique, which you see attached to my potholder, I tweaked the pattern a little bit and voila.

Tunisian Crochet Cottage Potholder

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– 2.5-mm (12 UK) Hook
– A small amount of Sport (12 wpi) Cotton. I used a mix of Lammy Yarns Rio and Schachenmayr Catania that I had in my stash, but any Sport (12 wpi) cotton will work fine. You will need one brown color for the cone and three different colors for the ice cream balls.
– Tapestry Needle

Crochet Abbreviations (US Terms)

Ch – Chain
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Inc – Increase
Sc – Single Crochet
Sl St – Slip Stitch
St – Stitch
Tr – Treble Crochet
Yo – Yarn over

Special Stitches

Increase (Inc)
Throughout the pattern, 1 inc consists of 2 sc made into the same st.

Pattern Notes

  • (…) – Crochet all the instruction within brackets in the same stitch.
  • If the pattern states “3 sc”, it means that you have to crochet 1 sc in each of the next 3 sts.
  • The first ch 1 does not count as a st.


The Ice Cream Crochet Applique measures 2” (5 cm) by 1.5” (4 cm).


This pattern is too small to determine the gauge accurately. Just keep in mind that the size of your finished applique will vary depending on your yarn and hook of choice.

Ice Cream Crochet Applique – Pattern

Ice Cream Cone

Note: Turn your work at the end of each row.

With your 2.5-mm hook and Lammy Yarns Rio, ch 2.
1. Sc in the first ch. (1 st)
2. Ch 1, 1 inc. (2 sts)
3. Ch 1, 1 sc, 1 inc. (3 sts)
4. Ch 1, 2 sc, 1 inc. (4 sts)
5. Ch 1, 3 sc, 1 inc. (5 sts)
6. Ch 1, 4 sc, 1 inc. (6 sts)
7. Ch 1, 5 sc, 1 inc. (7 sts)
8. Ch 1, 6 sc, 1 inc. (8 sts)
9. Without turning your work, ch 1 and sc on the long side of the cone making 1 sc per row. Sc 3 in the first st (tip of the cone). Sc all the way up on the other side of the cone.

First Ice Cream Flavor

Holding the cone with the tip pointing down, attach color 1 to the right top corner. This is the side of the last sc you worked on the side of the cone.
Ch 4, 2 tr in the same st where you joined yarn.
(1 dc, 1 hdc) into the next st, sl st into the next st.
Fasten off.

How to crochet the Ice Cream Crochet Applique, part 1.

Second Ice Cream Flavor

Attach color 2 in the next st compared to the one where you closed color 1.
Sk 2 sts, 9 tr into the next st, sk 2, sl st into the last st (this is the side of the first sc you worked in row 9 of the cone).
Fasten off.

Third Ice Cream Flavor

Attach color 3 in the same st where you closed color 1.
Sl st into the first tr in color 2.
Crochet another sl st into the hdc in color 1.
Sl st into the second tr in color 2.

How to crochet the Ice Cream Crochet Applique, part 2.

Make one sl st into the dc on color 1.
Sl st into the second tr in color 1.
4 dc on the side of the last sl st connecting the two ice cream balls.
Sl st into the fourth tr in color 2.

How to crochet the Ice Cream Crochet Applique, part 3.

Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Your Ice Cream Crochet Applique is ready!

I hope you enjoyed crocheting this crochet pattern. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help or support. I am looking forward to seeing all your beautiful makes on Facebook and Instagram!

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