How to Join T-Shirt Yarn – The Invisible Way

Have you ever wondered how to join T-shirt yarn?

Forget about knotting and weaving in ends, today I would like to share with you my go-to method to join T-shirt yarn the invisible way!

There are tons of things you can create using T-shirt yarn, and if you have followed me for a while, you know how much I love T-shirt yarn for the home decor.

However, one thing that really bugs me about T-shirt yarn is that it has knots!

Every yarn can have knots, and normally, it is not a big disaster. You simply cut the knot and weave in the extra ends as if you just joined a new skein of yarn.

But, I so much dislike weaving in ends with T-shirt yarn!

T-shirt yarn is so chunky, and those ends are so bulky and difficult to weave in… I have to admit I might have broken a couple of my favorite tapestry needles in the process!

But Do You Really Need to Open those knots?

I asked myself this question several times. Can’t I just leave the knot in there and keep crocheting?

Well… No!

Those knots are not safe! If they do not come loose while you are crocheting, they will surely come loose later, causing all your nice work to unravel.

The best thing to do when you encounter a knot is to undo it!

So, how do we avoid the problem of too many ends to weave in?

Here’s the answer! Learn how to join T-shirt yarn without getting loose ends! All you need is a mending needle and thread!

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How to Join T-Shirt Yarn - Free Tutorial - Raffamusa Designs


  • T-shirt yarn
  • Sewing Needle
  • Sewing Thread, preferably in a color matching your T-shirt yarn.

How to Join T-Shirt Yarn – Tutorial

Step 1

The first thing to do when you encounter a knot is to simply open it!

How to Join T-Shirt Yarn - Tutorial - Step 1 - Raffamusa Designs

Step 2

After you have opened your knot, flatten the T-shirt yarn as much as you can.
Now, overlay your two ends of T-shirt yarn on top of each other with the right sides facing each other, as shown in the picture below.

This is extra important if you want your T-shirt yarn to naturally roll back after you finish joining the ends. If you get this step wrong, you will join the T-shirt yarn in such a way that one half will have the right side up and the other half will have the right side facing down.

How to Join T-Shirt Yarn - Tutorial - Step 2 - Raffamusa Designs

Step 3

Using a sewing needle and sewing thread, sew the ends together right at the top of them.
You do not need to be very good at sewing (as you can see from my awful work), but just make sure to sew them firmly.

How to Join T-Shirt Yarn - Tutorial - Step 3 - Raffamusa Designs

Step 4

Open your T-shirt yarn and help it roll back on itself!
Your T-shirt yarn is ready to use!

How to Join T-Shirt Yarn - Tutorial - Step 4 - Raffamusa Designs

You just joined T-Shirt yarn invisibly and without extra ends!

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