Hobbii Seashell Yarn Review

Are you curious to try the new Seashell yarn from Hobbii but want to hear what it is like from someone who crocheted with it? I hope I’ll be able to help you with my honest Hobbii Seashell yarn review!

Hobbii Seashell Yarn Review - Raffamusa Designs

I’ll be completely clear and transparent. As a crochet blogger, I often get these kinds of offers. But while playing with new yarns is always super fun, my ever-growing yarn stash reminds me to decline a few of those offers.

However, when Hobbii offered me a few skeins of this new Seashell yarn they were about to launch, I immediately said yes! Just by looking at the composition of the yarn and seeing all the colors available, I suspected that I’d love this yarn.

Moreover, I really wanted to crochet a granny square bodice to make a summer dress for my sister. So, I picked a few colors and waited for the yarn to arrive!

Hobbii Seashell Bodice for Summer Dress - Raffamusa Designs

Fast forward a few weeks and my gift for my sister is ready. In the picture below, you can see the summer dress that I made for her. I crocheted the bodice and attached it to a linen skirt. Hopefully, some modeled pictures will come soon!

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my experience crocheting with Hobbii Seashell yarn.

Hobbii Seashell Bodice for Summer Dress - Raffamusa Designs

Hobbii Seashell Yarn Review

Hobbii Seashell is a new yarn from Hobbii that comes in 14 beautiful colors inspired by life at the beach. The yarn composition is perfect for crocheting or knitting garments and accessories for the hot season because there’s nothing synthetic but only natural fibers including cotton, bamboo, and linen.

Hobbii Seashell
Yarn Weight
Sport (2, Fine)
40% Cotton; 35% Bamboo Viscose; 25% Linen
Recommended Needles
3.5 mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
Ball Weight
50 g (1.75 oz)
Recommended Crochet Hook
4.5 mm (G/7 US, 7 UK)
Yarn Length
164 yds (150 m)
Care Instructions
 Hand Wash / Low tumble dry
Hobbii Seashell Yarn Review - Raffamusa Designs

The unique combination of cotton, bamboo, and linen makes the Seashell yarn durable, breathable, and at the same time soft and smooth. The yarn also has some sheen, but the neutral colors make the yarn look organic and not too shiny if you know what I mean.

Of course, given the luxurious composition of Hobbii Seashell, I would only use it to crochet wearables. In a way, I feel like it would be a waste to use this yarn for bags or home decor projects.

Moreover, Seashell is a loosely spun yarn with a fantastic drape, which is perfect for summer fashion!

What it is Like to Crochet with Hobbii Seashell

For my project with Hobbii Seashell, I made a bodice by joining eight granny squares.

Normally, I start my granny squares with a magic ring. However, since this yarn has a silky, smooth surface, I was afraid that the magic ring wouldn’t hold close. So, I started my squares by making a classic chain and crocheting the first round in the first-made chain.

Then, I closed the central hole with a simple trick that you can see HERE.

A granny square made with Hobbii Seashell - Raffamusa Designs

Now, I mentioned above that Hobbii Seashell is a loosely spun yarn. If you’re unsure what “loosely spun” means, here are a couple of pictures to show you (see below).

On the left, I took a picture of the yarn as it is. You’ll see that it looks a little bit like a braid or a twisted fringe. Now, if you open up the yarn (orange yarn in the picture on the right), you can see that there are two bundles of 4 threads each. The two bundles are then twisted together to make the final strand of yarn.

Since all the twisting is done very loosely, there is a chance that the yarn will split, but the splitting is not that dramatic, and you can easily avoid it by using a crochet hook with a rounded tip rather than a pointy one.

Overall, crocheting with Hobbii Seashell was a pleasure. The yarn is not hard on your hands (if you were worried about the yarn being stiff, that’s totally not the case) and the final result has a fantastic drape.

Hobbii Seashell Bodice for Summer Dress - Raffamusa Designs

What to Crochet with Hobbii Sheshell

As I mentioned above, I wouldn’t use Hobbii Seashell to crochet or knit home decor projects, Amigurumi, or potholders. Instead, I’d stick to garments, accessories, and wearables in general.

Below, you can find a few patterns that would work great with Hobbii Seashell.

1. Lightweight Sweaters

Summer Sailing Sweater

  • Get the free pattern HERE
Crochet Summer Sailing Sweater - Free Crochet Pattern - Size Inclusive - Raffamusa Designs

2. Summer Tops

Tunisian Crochet Summer Top

  • Find the free pattern HERE
Tunisian Crochet Summer Top - Free Pattern by RaffamusaDesigns

3. Beach Coverups

Summer Beach Coverup Dress

  • Get the free pattern HERE
Crochet Summer Beach Cover Up - Free Crochet Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

4. Shawls

5. Shrugs

Meadow Lace Shrug by My Crochetory.

  • Find the free pattern HERE
Meadow Lace Shrug - My Crochetory

6. Vests

Long Summer Crochet Duster by Briana K Designs

  • Find the free pattern HERE
Long Summer Crochet Duster - Briana K Designs

7. Shorts

Wide Leg Shorts by Knitcroaddict

  • Get the free pattern HERE
Wide Leg Shorts - Knitcroaddict

8. Skirts

Piña Colada Skirt by DROPS Designs

  • Find the free pattern HERE
Piña Colada Skirt - DROPS Designs


Hopefully, you found some inspiration for your next project.

Find more about yarns and fibers here on the blog…

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  1. this question is not about summer but about your pot holders in ginghem i am not a fan of gighim but how do i make the bear and moose potholder with same background as others as i want to make as a gift for someone i care about but not a fan of plaids

    • Hi Jo, I think that the easiest thing would be to crochet the background in a solid color because the moose and the bear are too large to fit in the same sort of grid as the Farmhouse Potholders.


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