30 [Fun & Adorable!] Free Crochet Keychain Patterns

Get your yarn and hooks ready to crochet some of these free crochet keychain patterns!

Free Crochet Keychain Patterns - Roundup Post - Raffamusa Designs

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Crochet keychains are fun and quick to make, and they are the perfect little gifts for family and friends, or the easy-to-sell item at craft fairs and markets.

Believe me, whenever you have a few colorful amigurumi keychains on your stand, you’re going to attract a nice little crowd!

The fun thing is that these free crochet keychain patterns are not only perfect for making keychains but you can use them in many different ways!

  • Hang it to your kid’s backpack for school;
  • Use it as a little charm for your bag;
  • Or to decorate your phone case!
  • You could also attach a little Amigurumi keychain to your suitcase and immediately recognize it;
  • or use it to fix a broken zipper!

How do you crochet a keychain?

There are a few styles of crocheted keychains.

  • 1 – Simple wristband keyring holder;
  • 2 – Little crochet applique;
  • 3 – Small Amigurumi keychains.

In this roundup post, I’ll be focusing on free crochet keychain patterns that use small Amigurumi to make a keychain.

We’ll see anything from Amigurumi animals, food, back-to-school kind of items, and so much more.

What Materials do you need to crochet a Keychain?

For making a little Amigurumi keychain, you’ll always need these materials:

  • A keyring to attach directly to your Amigurumi. You can easily find keyrings online or at your local craft store. Otherwise, just reuse the ones from old keychains!
  • Your favorite yarn. Just a small amount is usually enough!
  • Stuffing material;
  • Safety eyes or embroidery thread for making the faces or details of your Amigurumi keychains;
  • Tapestry needle;
  • Scissors.

Alright, grab some scrap yarn (that will be enough for most of these keychains!), and let’s take a look at these free crochet keychain patterns!

30 Free Crochet Keychain Patterns – The most adorable from the web!

Fruit Keychains

1. Avocado Keychain

Let’s start with some healthy fruits, like this Avocado Keychain by Spin a Yarn Crochet. This crochet avocado works up in just 1-2 hours and is very easy to make.

  • Yarn DK (3, Light)
  • Hook 3.5 mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE
Spin a Yarn Crochet - Avocado Keychain

2. Lemon Amigurumi Charm

When life gives you lemons… What was the rest of the sentence? Whatever. But this Lemon Amigurumi Keychain by DIY Crochet Lily is definitely a nice lemon to get from life!

  • Yarn Crochet Thread
  • Hook 1.25 mm
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE.
DIY Crochet Lily - Lemon Amigurumi

3. Tutti Frutti Keychains

These Fruit Slice Keychains are quick and fun to crochet! With little sewing and no stuffing, these crochet fruits are perfect for beginners.

Crochet Fruit Slice Keychains - Free Tutorial for Beginners - Raffamusa Designs

4. Mini Apple

Elendipity shared this adorable Mini Apple Amigurumi. You can play with the yarn and hook you use to make it slightly bigger or even smaller for a phone charm or for a pair of cute earrings!

  • Yarn Cotton Kings 8/4 (1, Super Fine)
  • Hook 2.0 mm (B/1 US, 14 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE
Eledipity - Mini Apple Amigurumi

5. Strawberry Keychain

Transform a simple Strawberry Amigurumi into a super sweet keychain! The free pattern comes in 2 sizes, so you can choose to make a small strawberry or a large and bold one!

  • Yarn Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/6 (3, Light)
  • Hook 3.0 mm (C US, 11 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE.
Crochet Strawberry Keychain - Raffamusa Designs

6. Crochet Pineapple Key Holder

The diamond stitch has the perfect texture for a Mini Pineapple Keychain! This little crochet pineapple by Spin a Yarn Crochet is going to be the perfect summer charm for your keyring.

  • Yarn DK (3, Light)
  • Hook 2.25 mm (B/1 US, 13 UK)
  • Check HERE for the free pattern.
Spin a Yarn Crochet - Pineapple Key Holder

Yummy Food Keychains!

7. Taco Keychain

Junk food cannot be unhealthy if it is crocheted. Moreover, this Taco Keychain by Green Fox Farm is going to be so fun to crochet!

  • Yarn Lily Sugar’n Cream (Worsted Weight, 4, Medium)
  • Hook 4.0 mm (G/6 US, 8 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE.
Green Fox Farm - Crochet Taco Keychain

8. Pizza Slice Amigurumi

Believe it or not, for Italian students, a “square” of Margherita pizza is a very popular merenda (snack)! So, why not crochet a Pizza Slice Amigurumi to hang to your school backpack or keyring?

Pizza Slice Amigurumi - Crochet Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

9. Little Treats Keychains

Whether you love ice cream or perhaps prefer a nice cupcake, this Ice Cream Cone and Cupcake Keychains pattern has got you covered!

  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium)
  • Hook 2.25 mm (B/1 US, 13 UK)
  • Find the free crochet pattern HERE
Not Your Yiyas Crochet - Mini Sweet Treat Keychains

10. Mushroom Charm

Don’t these Mini Mushroom Charms by DDs Crochet remind you of power-up mushrooms from Super Mario?! The crochet pattern is completely free for you to add to your Ravelry library.

  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium)
  • Hook 3.5 mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
  • Get the free crochet pattern HERE
DDs Crochet - Mini Mushroom Charm

Back-to-School Keychains

11. Pencil Chapstick Holder

This Pencil Chapstick Holder and Keychain is a cute 2-in-1 pattern by Jen Hayes Crochet. This pattern could be also a very cute teacher appreciation gift!

  • Yarn Red Heart Super Saver (Worsted, 4, Medium)
  • Hook 3.5 mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
  • Get the free keyring pattern HERE
Jen Hayes Crochet - Pencil Chapstick Holder and Keychain

12. School Bus Amigurumi

If you’re looking for something super special for your little boy, check out this School Bus Amigurumi.

Amigurumi School Bus - Free Crochet Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

13. T-Rex Amigurumi

The inspiration behind this T-Rex Amigurumi with a Backpack is super sweet, and I won’t spoil it for you. Check The Loopy Lamb’s blog post to read it yourself!

The Loopy Lamb - T-Rex Amigurumi Keychain

14. Lightbulb Keychain

This free crochet Lightbulb Keychain pattern by Stitch by Fay comes with a little extra gift, which is a free, printable birthday card. What not to love about this bright idea?!

Stitch by Fay - Lightbulb Keychain

Animal Keychains

15. Jellyfish Keychains

This little crochet Jellyfish Amigurumi by The Friendly Red Fox is perfect as a keychain or as a fun backpack charm. The pattern is quick, and you’ll love making it over and over again!

  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium)
  • Hook 3.25 mm (D/3 US, 10 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE.
The Friendly Red Fox - Mini Jellyfish Amigurumi

16. Fish Keychain

Art Pass designed this absolutely cute Fish Keychain. When you go to the website, don’t get scared by all the Polish text. Just keep scrolling and you’ll find the English instructions as well!

  • Yarn YarnArt Jeans (2, Fine)
  • Hook 2.5 mm (12 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE.
Art Pass - Fish Amigurumi Keychain

17. Bird Keychain

Chai Coffee Crochet shared this Bird Amigurumi Keychain.

  • Yarn DK (3, Light)
  • Hook 2.75 mm (C/2 US, 12 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE
Chai Coffee Crochet - Bird Keychain

18. Owl Charm

Owls are always fun to crochet, and this Owl Charm by DDs Crochet is going to be no exception. Choose your favorite yarn colors and get to work! The crochet pattern is free on Ravelry.

  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium)
  • Hook 3.5 mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE
DDs Crochet - Owl Charm

19. Little Bear Keychain

Ami Little Creature shared this free crochet Little Bear Amigurumi, which is just so tiny and adorable! The pattern also comes with a free video tutorial.

  • Yarn YarnArt Jeans (2, Fine)
  • Hook 2.0-mm (B/1 US, 14 UK)
  • The free crochet pattern is online HERE
Ami Little Creature - Crochet Bear Keychain

20. Koala Keychain

Do you have some fur yarn and you’re not sure what to do with it? Start with this free Koala Keychain by The Loopy Lamb. The pattern is easy and perfect to get confident with fur yarn.

  • Yarn Fable Fur (6, Super Bulky)
  • Hook 5.5 mm (I/9 US, 5 UK) and 3.5 mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE.
The Loopy Lamb - Crochet Koala Keychain

Up in the sky…

21. Sun Amigurumi

Always bring the sun with you, even on a rainy day, with this Sun Amigurumi by Stitch by Fay.

Stitch by Fay - Sun Amigurumi

22. Amigurumi Star Keychain

Make a wish and make it come true with this little Amigurumi Star keychain!

Amigurumi Star Keychain Holder - Raffamusa Designs

Cute Keychains

23. Kawaii Camera Keychain

Smile!!! This Kawaii Camera Keychain is a free Ravelry pattern by Zip Zip Dreams.

Zip Zip Dream - Kawaii Camera Amigurumi Keychain

24. Flip Flop Keychain

Ready for Summer? Crochet a pair of Flip Flop Keychains designed by Whistle and Ivy Crochet!

  • Yarn Fingering (1, Super Fine)
  • Hook 3.25-mm (D/3 US, 10 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE.
Whistle and Ivy Crochet - Flip Flop Keychain

25. Caravan Key Holder

This Caravan Key Holder by Crochet Time is the perfect crochet keychain for all camping and caravan lovers. It works up in less than an hour and it’s a great pattern to use up some scrap yarn.

  • Yarn DK or Light Worsted (3, Light)
  • Hook 4.0 mm (G/6 US, 8 UK)
  • You can find the free crochet pattern HERE.
Crochet Time - Caravan Keychain

26. Tiny Cup Amigurumi

For the series “it cannot be more adorable than this“, here is this Tiny Cup Amigurumi by Petit Pixels.

  • Yarn DK (3, Light)
  • Hook 3.0-mm (C US, 11 UK)
  • The free crochet pattern is HERE
Petit Pixels - Tiny Amigurumi Cup

Crochet Keyring ideas for Halloween

27. Spooky Halloween Monsters Keyrings

Weren’t monsters supposed to be scary? I guess that these Spooky Halloween Monster Keychains won’t scare many people but your kids will love them!

  • Yarn DK (3, Light)
  • Hook 3.5-mm (E/4 US, 9 UK) and 4.0-mm (G/6 US, 8 UK)
  • Find the free pattern HERE
Passionate Crafter - Spooky Halloween Monsters Keychain

28. Ghostmoji Keychain

This Amigurumi Ghostmoji pattern by Cutie Pie Crochet is the perfect little ghost keychain for Halloween.

  • Yarn DK (3, Light)
  • Hook 3.5-mm (E/4 US, 9 UK) and 4.0-mm (G/6 US, 8 UK)
  • The free pattern is HERE
Cutie Pie Crochet - Ghost Amigurumi

29. Candy Corn Amigurumi Keychain

Share a little treat for Halloween with this cute and yummy Candy Corn Amigurumi Keychain by One Dog Woof.

One Dog Woof - Candy Corn Amigurumi Keychain

30. Golden Snitch Keyring

And here’s one last bonus pattern for all Harry Potter lovers. This crochet Golden Snitch is free on Ravelry. Can you catch it?!

  • Yarn Worsted (4, Medium)
  • Hook 4.0 mm (G/6 US, 8 UK)
  • Add the pattern to your Ravelry library HERE
Melissa Gold - The Golden Snitch

I hope you enjoyed this collection of free crochet keychain patterns!

I’m looking forward to seeing your crochet keychains on Facebook and Instagram!

Find more Amigurumi patterns here on the blog…

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