What to Crochet with Granny Squares [25+ Easy Projects]

Wondering what to crochet granny squares? Here are some beautiful and free crochet patterns with Granny Squares!

What to Crochet with Granny Squares - Free Patterns Round-Up - Raffamusa Designs

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When it comes to granny squares, there are mainly two types of crocheters.

  1. The ones who absolutely refuse to crochet another granny for the sake of their life!
  2. And the ones who loooove to crochet granny squares.

Since you are here, I’ll assume you are the second kind, and that granny squares are your kind of thing.

However, after piling granny squares over granny squares, that question always comes… What to do with all those granny squares?!

So, today, I would like to share lots of ideas on what to crochet with granny squares. For each project idea, I searched the web and found some nice patterns to link to.

For all these projects, you can either use the classic granny square, a solid square, or other kinds of squares.

Just check the size of the squares used in these projects and see what fits best with the ones that you already have!

Let’s start! …Or skip to what interests you the most in the menu below!

Home Decor Ideas

1. Blankets and Throws

Granny square blankets are a true classic! You can make granny square blankets using any square motif. With the Rainbow Granny Blanket, I explored many variations of the classic granny square and the granny stitch.

Crochet Rainbow Granny Squares Blanket - Raffamusa Designs

If you’re looking for a sweet granny square blanket for a baby, take a look at this bumblebee baby blanket!

Bee Granny Square Blanket - Raffamusa Designs

2. Chair Pads

When I saw this post on Creative Jewish Mom, I couldn’t resist sharing it.

These T-shirt yarn chair pads are such a great idea for your everyday kitchen chairs! They are easy to wash and you can customize them to exactly fit your chairs. And I think they would also be great for your garden or patio chairs!

Granny Square Chair Pad

3. Ottoman Covers

Do you have an old ottoman that doesn’t look that great anymore? How about covering it in a beautiful and colorful granny square cover?!

Granny Square Ottoman Cover

4. Granny Square Pillows

A granny square pillow can look great in your bedroom, in your baby’s nursery, in your living room, or even in the kitchen!

I recently shared a step-by-step post on how to make a granny square pillow! While I used my Ladybug, Simple Circle, and Flower squares, you can use your favorite granny square design!

ladybug granny square pillow

5. Table Runner

A granny square table runner is definitely next on my projects list! The real dream would be to make one for every season using the same pattern but with different color combos! What do you think?

Granny Square Table Runner

6. Market Bags

Market bags are the perfect accessory for a more sustainable lifestyle! You can make simple bags using two, large squares or you can play around by joining different granny square motifs.

Crochet Granny Heart Grocery Bag - Raffamusa Designs

7. Rugs

How cool is this granny square rug by Highland Hickory Designs?

Granny Square Rug

8. Wall Hangings

Crocheting a wall hanging for my craft room has been sitting on my waitlist forever! Maybe it is time I make one like this awesome Granny Bobble Wall Hanging by Sweet Bee Crochet!

Granny Square Wall Hanging

9. Garlands

Crochet garlands can add a personalized touch to your home decor all year long. They’re also great for children’s parties or parties in general! Get inspired by this lovely granny square garland by Just Be Crafty.

Granny Square Garland

For the Kitchen

10. Potholders

Granny squares can have lots of holes and gaps. So, not the best for potholders… But there’s a very easy solution to that problem. Just double them!

Granny Square Potholder
Falling Petals Crochet Potholders - Raffamusa Designs
Crochet Scrappy Dots Potholder - Free Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

11. Dishcloths

Granny squares can also be great building blocks for dishcloths and washcloths!

Teatime Dishcloth - Free Crochet Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

12. Baskets

Who knew that granny squares would also make a lovely basket?! I am so inspired by this sweet granny square basket by Vika Moka.

Granny square basket


13. Cardigan

Have you also always wanted to crochet a granny square sweater or cardigan? Check out this free pattern on Yarnspirations.com.

Or crochet this beautiful Granny Square Cardigan by Originally Lovely!

Granny Square Cardigan - Originally Lovely

Or if you want to add a little more color, check the free crochet pattern for this Rainbow Granny Square Sweater by HanJan Crochet.

Rainbow Granny Square Sweater - HanJan Crochet

14. Wraps & Shawls

When you have a bunch of granny squares that you love, plus, they look so modern and fashionable, it is a super cool idea to just wear them!

Want an example?

Granny square ruana wrap

Or take a look at this fun, Christmas pocket shawl that I shared on the Christmas 2021 issue of Annie’s!

Christmas Pocket Shawl for Annie's

15. Ponchos

There are many ways to crochet a granny square poncho. But look at this very original one by Miss Polly Crochet! This granny square poncho is a free download on LoveCrafts!

Granny Square Poncho


16. Hats and Beanies

Catherine from Lullaby Lodge created this cute crochet pattern of a granny square beanie. You really don’t want to miss it!

Granny square beanie

Another beautiful style of hat (which is also super trendy this year!) is the granny square bucket hat.

Pam of Carroway Crochet has a free pattern in Adult Small and Adult sizes. You can find it HERE (and there is also a video tutorial!).

Granny Square Bucket Hat - Carroway Crochet
Crochet Simple Circle Granny Square Bucket Hat - Raffamusa Designs

17. Scarf

This simple and beautiful granny square scarf is by Carmen from Annie Design Crochet.

Granny Square scarf

18. Gloves and Wrist Warmers

Granny squares are great to make some easy peasy fingerless gloves! Do you want to try a couple? Check out this colorful pattern by Goddess Crochet!

Granny square fingerless gloves

19. Headbands

And how about a beautiful granny square headband? Check out this free pattern on Ravelry!

More Ideas…

20. Tote Bags

Market bags, tote bags, little zipper pouches… They’re all great when done using granny squares!

For a free tutorial, check the Magnolia Granny Square Bag pattern by Mama in a Stitch!

Magnolia Granny Square Bag - Mama in a Stitch

21. Slippers

Donna from Naztazia shared a very easy and cute pattern for a pair of granny square slippers!

Granny square slippers

22. Jewelry

A tiny granny square can make for some beautiful earrings or a necklace pendant!

Beaded Granny Square Pendant - Free Pattern - Raffamusa Designs

23. Scrubby

Do you have some scrap cotton yarn? A granny square scrubby might be the right eco-friendly project for you!

Granny square scrubby

I hope you enjoyed reading about all the amazing projects you can make with granny squares!

But above all, I hope that you were able to find your next crochet project! So, tell me in the comments. What are you going to do with your beautiful granny squares?

Find a few granny square patterns here on the blog…

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  1. Granny squares are the best!! I’ve made big blankets, little blankets, baby blankets, granny purses and bags for carrying a variety of things. And I’ve used the for stocking ornaments at Christmas. Thanks for the roundup of granny’s! I’ve found a few more I want to make!

  2. I too love granny squares. I am a granny of 12 grandchildren. I am going to make the granny earrings. I can’t wait for the spring farm along for 2021.

  3. These are all great ideas! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to seeing everyone’s designs they make with your designs.


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