Crochet Flower Pendant Earrings – Free Pattern

The crochet Flower Pendant Earrings are just so elegant that it is hard to believe they are handmade.

Crochet Flower Pendant Earrings

I made these earrings for the wedding of a friend of mine who got married in Warsaw last weekend.

For this special occasion, I crocheted my own shawl of which I hope I will be able to publish the pattern soon. However, since that is going to take a little while, I thought I’d share with you the pattern of these matching earrings that I made.

The Crochet Flower pendant Earrings are very quick to crochet and actually, I crocheted them on the very same day I was flying to Poland.

Crochet Flower Pendant Earrings in different color combinations

I really fell in love with these earrings.

And I enjoyed making them so much since it was the first time I crocheted using crochet wire.

If you cannot see the wire, do not worry, I am not making fun of you! I only used crochet wire for the structure of the earrings, so that it is hidden by the flowers.

Of course, my crocheted wire did not look anything spectacular, but that was not so important as the flowers covered everything up.

So, if you do not feel comfortable with crochet wire, do not worry, this is a great project to practice a little bit!

And if you really do not like the idea of the crochet wire, I suggest you replace the earring backbone with an easy-peasy crochet circle!

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  • 1.00-mm (10 steel USA, 4 steel UK) Hook
  • Egyptian Cotton Crochet Thread nr. 10 – 32 wpi
  • Crochet Wire
  • Jewelry Pliers. They do not necessarily have to be fancy pliers. In my case, I borrowed a couple from my father’s toolbox some years ago and kind of never returned them.
  • Six Small Beads
  • Beading and/or Sewing Needle
  • Two Half Ball Stud Earring
  • Two Ear Nuts
Materials for the Crochet Flower Pendant Earrings

Crochet Abbreviations (US Terms)

Ch – Chain
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – Stitch

How to Read the Pattern

  • (…) – Repeat the instructions within brackets for the indicated number of times.
  • If the pattern says “dc 2”, it means that you have to make one double crochet in each of the next 2 stitches.
Crochet Flower Pendant Earrings in blue and white


  • Each individual flower measures approximately 0.7″ (1.7 cm).
  • The finished Crochet Flower Pendant Earrings are about 1.2″ (3 cm) long and 0.8″ (2 cm) wide.


This pattern is too small to accurately determine the gauge. Always keep in mind that the size of the earrings will vary depending on the yarn you choose and your crochet tension.

Crochet Wire Backbone

Step 1. Using the crochet wire, ch 7. Cut the wire leaving a tail of approximately 5 cm (2”).
Step 2. Insert one of the two ends into the loop of the earring.
Step 3. Roll both ends of the crochet wire around the top of the earring’s backbone.
Cut the wire and press the ends so that they do not stick out.

Repeat the instructions for each earring.

Wire Backbone of the Crochet Flower Pendant Earrings

Crochet Flowers

(Make 6)

Ch 3.
1st petal. Dc 1 in first-made ch, ch 2, sl st into the same ch.
2nd to 5th petal. (Ch 2, dc 1 in first ch of initial ch-3, ch 2, sl st in first ch) 4 times.
Tie off leaving a long tail for attaching the flowers to the earrings backbone.

Crochet Flowers


Sew a bead in the center of each flower.
In order to do so, draw one tail of the flower to the front of the work through the middle of one petal.
Insert one bead and bring the yarn to the back of the work by drawing it through the middle of one other flower on the opposite side.

Sew a bead in the center of each flower

Use the tails of the flowers to secure them around the crochet wire backbone.

Well done, your crochet Flower Pendant Earrings are ready!

I hope you liked this pattern and I’d love to see your version of it! Please, share your projects on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #raffamusadesigns

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