30+ Best Gift Ideas for Yarn Lovers {Crocheters and Knitters}

If you crochet or knit, you know that yarny stuff is always on your mind. And even more so when it’s your birthday, or it’s Christmas or holiday season, Mother’s Day, or any other gift-giving occasion.

How many times have you wished to unbox the perfect crochet or knit gadget to add to your craft collection? But well, you’re still waiting, aren’t you?

The thing is our family and friends might not know where to start looking for that perfect gift!

That’s why I decided to put together this useful list of crocheting and knitting gadgets that are perfect for us yarn lovers.

Feel free to look around and why not share it with a family member or friend? Just so that they know… Let’s say, just for their information! 😉

Let’s start!

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1. Yarn, Of Course!

Yarn is the easiest way to make a crocheter or knitter happy!

However, it can be difficult to choose the right yarn for a picky crafter. But don’t get discouraged! There are two easy things you can do to gift yarn without actually having to choose any.

  • Buy a gift card!
    Gift cards are great, they’re like a day of awesome shopping! Two of my favorite places to buy gift cards are Lion Brand Yarn and KnitPicks.
  • Get a yarn subscription service, like for example KnitCrate.
    A yarn box subscriber will receive some surprise box every month directly at home. Besides some beautiful yarn, the box can also come with some knitting needles, or a crochet hook, and a knit and crochet pattern.
    It is literally a dream for any crocheter and knitter!
    There are many subscription boxes around in different price ranges. KnitCrate is fairly cheap, has got an awesome selection of yarns, and you get to choose your favorite color palette!

2. Canvas Project and Notions Bags

If you know crafters enough, you know that they bring their yarn ALWAYS with them! That’s why canvas project bags are essential to safely carry yarn around without getting it dirty, stuck in zippers, and so on.

And in case you are worried that your favorite crafter already has one of these, don’t worry. There are never enough of these bags. After all, each work-in-progress (WIP) deserves its own project bag!

Here are some very cute ones that I found on Etsy:

And as an extra, look how cute is this Create Notions Bag by LiLiKnits!

3. Yarn Bowls

When I started crocheting, I used to keep my ball of yarn in my breakfast bowls and mugs! So, let me tell you, crafters need a proper yarn bowl!

There are so many around that it is difficult to choose, but here are some of the best ones I found:

4. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are useful and always appreciated. And they can be super sweet and charming!

5. Staying Organized

Paper and pens are always useful while crafting, and these gadgets below are just going to blow a yarn lover’s mind! Guaranteed!

6. Crocheting and Knitting T-Shirts

How about getting a cool crocheting or knitting T-shirt for some craft pride? Here are some adorable ones:

7. Crochet and Knit Mugs

Sipping coffee or tea is possibly the only thing that can make crocheting/knitting even better! So, let’s get fancy with some cute mugs!

8. Craft-Inspired Jewelry

Yarn-inspired jewels are the most fun idea I’ve seen in a while. These mini skeins are just so adorable!

9. Enamel Pins

10. More Yarny Fun Accessories

Just like if you did not have enough cuteness, get ready for some more adorable gadgets!

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through my list of 30+ gift ideas for yarn lovers!

Please, let me know if you bought any of the items above and what you think of them.

Last but not least, leave a comment to let me know of your favorite crochet and knit gadgets that I did not include in my list!

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