How to Crochet in the Back or Front Loop Only

Crocheting in the Back (or Front) Loop Only is a very simple and effective way to add texture and squishiness to your crochet projects.

In most crochet patterns, these are the abbreviations:

  • BLOBack Loop Only
  • FLOFront Loop Only

BLO and FLO stitches are just the same as regular crochet stitches with one main difference.

While regular crochet stitches are worked into both top loops of the indicated stitch, BLO and FLO stitches are crocheted only into the back loop and front loop only, respectively.

Where is the Back Loop? And Where the Front Loop?

Thus, it is really important to be able to identify the back and front loops of crochet stitches!

  • The back loop of a stitch is the furthest from you.
  • On the other end, the front loop is the one that is just in front of you.
What is the Back Loop Only (or Front Loop Only)? - Raffamusa Designs

Pay attention that “back loop” and “front loop” are dynamic.

What I mean is that the front loop on the right side of your work will suddenly become the back loop when you turn your work!

This is extremely important to remember when crocheting in rows, thus turning your project at the end of each row.

Why Use BLO or FLO Stitches?

As I already mentioned at the beginning, BLO and FLO stitches are a great way to add texture. But this is not it…

Here are the most important advantages of using BLO or FLO stitches:

  • Create beautiful textures
  • Crochet stretchy fabric. This is particularly useful when you need to crochet brims for hats and garments!
  • They feel soft! And this is very great if you’re crocheting a baby blanket or garment.

Back Loop Only Crochet – Quick Tutorial

Step 1. Identify the back loop of the indicated stitch.

Step 2. (Yo if necessary) Insert your hook into the BLO and complete the stitch as normal.

Back Loop Only Crochet - Tutorial - Raffamusa Designs

Front Loop Only Crochet

To crochet in the FLO, the steps are the same as for the BLO. However, you will have to work all your stitches in the top loop that is the closest to you!

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How to crochet in the Back Loop Only and Front Loop Only - Tutorial - Raffamusa Designs

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