Crochet a Cute Apple Heart Amigurumi

The Apple Heart Amigurumi is a little and soft apple amigurumi with the shape of a heart.


I designed this Apple Heart pattern to gift it to my Romantic Hedgehog amigurumi, but you can gift it to your favorite one, or use it as a keychain decoration, or as a pin cushion…

The Apple Heart amigurumi is very fun to make and combines basic crochet stitches with simple scoubidou techniques. Do you remember Scoubidou’s from the old school days?

Well, I used to love them. I made tons of them in all kinds of shapes and colors. Who knew that scoubidou techniques were going to be useful for amigurumi making?! If you do not know or do not remember how to make scoubidou’s, do not worry. I made an image tutorial to guide you through the steps.

Amigurumi Hearts - Apple - Valentine's Day Gift - Free Crochet Pattern

The construction of the Apple Heart amigurumi is top-down. So that the top bumps of the heart are made first and then joined together. Lastly, the leaves and the scoubidou petiole are attached to the top middle part of the heart.

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Amigurumi Valentines Hearts - Free Crochet Pattern - Raffamusa Designs


  • 2.5-mm (12 UK) Crochet Hook
  • Sport (2, Fine) Yarn
  • Stitch Marker
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Cotton Stuffing

Yarn & Colors

I used Schachenmayr Catania (137 yds / 125 m per 50 g) in the following colors:

  • CA – Red
  • CB – Brown
  • CC – Green

Crochet Abbreviations (US Terms)

Ch – Chain
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Inc – Increase
Inv DecInvisible Decrease
MC – Magic Circle
Sc – Single Crochet
Sl St – Slip Stitch
St – Stitch
Tr – Treble crochet

Special Stitches

Make an increase by crocheting two sts into the indicated st.

Invisible Decrease
Learn how to make a single crochet invisible decrease with this step-by-step tutorial.

Magic Circle (MC)
For step-by-step instructions on how to make a magic circle, check out this free tutorial.


The finished Apple Heart Amigurumi is 2″ (5 cm) tall and 2.3″ (6 cm) large.


This pattern is too small to accurately determine the gauge.

Apple Heart Pattern

Top Half Bumps

(Make 2)

Using CA, make a MC.

Round 1. Sc 6 in the MC. (6 sts)
Round 2. Sc inc 6. (12 sts)
Round 3. (Sc inc 1, sc 1) 6 times. (18 sts)
Round 4-6. Sc in each st all around. (18 sts)

Fasten off the first half bump you make. Leave the working yarn on the second half bump.

Joining and Heart Bottom

Continue working on the second half bump you made.

Round 7.  Sc 8, sc 1 in the first st of round 6 on the other half bump, sc 15. Leave the last 2 sts unworked on the second half bump. Sk 2 sts on the first half bump, sc 8. (32 sts)

Round 8. Sc 7, inv dec 1, sc 14, inv dec 1, sc 7. (30 sts)
Round 9. (Inv dec 1, sc 13) twice. (28 sts)
Round 10. Sc 6, inv dec 1, Sc 12, inv dec 1. (26 sts)
Round 11. Sc 2, inv dec 1, sc 4, inv dec 1, Sc 5, inv dec 1, sc 4, inv dec 1, sc 3. (22 sts)
Round 12. (Sc 4, inv dec 1, sc 3, inv dec 1) twice. (18 sts)

Start stuffing the heart with cotton stuffing.

Round 13. (Sc 2, inv dec 1, sc 3, inv dec 1) twice. (14 sts)
Round 14. (Sc 2, inv dec 1, sc 1, inv dec 1) twice. (10 sts)
Round 15. Inv dec 5. (5 sts)

Fasten off leaving a long tail and sew the bottom of the heart close.

Apple Stem

Cut 4 strands of 14″ (35 cm) of CB yarn.

Join the strands of yarn two by two in the top middle of the heart (as shown in the figure) and make a round scoubidou.

Once you reach the desired length, make a couple of knots to secure your work and cut the tails.

How to Macrame the Stem of your Amigurumi Apple Heart - Raffamusa Designs

Small Leaf

Using CC yarn, ch 5.
Row 1. Sc 1 in the second chain from your hook, hdc 1, dc 1, hdc 1.
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing on top of the apple.

Large Leaf

Using CC yarn, ch 7.
Round 1. Sc 1 in the second chain from hook, hdc 1, dc 1, tr 1, dc 1, [hdc 2, ch 1, hdc 2) all in the last ch. Continue working on the other side of the initial ch. Dc 1, tr 1, dc 1, hdc 1, sc 1, ch 1, sl st into the first sc of the round.

Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing on top of the apple.


Attach both leaves at the base of the stem.

Fasten off and weave in all your ends.

Your Apple Heart Amigurumi is ready!

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Amigurumi Hearts and Romantic Hedgehog - Valentines Crochet - Raffamusa Designs

Find more Amigurumi patterns here on the blog…

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